Why I am running?

  • Improve infrastructure in the Trillium District to address the issue of increasing traffic.

  • Cleaner city upgraded parks and better civic amenities.

  • Make city hall policies more family and community focused

  • Reach out to residents by holding regular meetings and fighting for their rights.

  • Strive for better opportunities for youth and young professionals to keep them in Kingston.

  • Bring more development and business by keeping taxes lower and making sure that the benefits of tax dollars revert back to every citizen.

Community Focused Policies
Policies are often driven by layers of general understanding using past examples. There is no where near as much interaction with the community at large as there should be.  In order to shape and refine our policies, it must be a collaborative initiative. All voices must be heard, all view points must be considered.  I will be looking to hold regular town hall meetings with our constituents to ensure that policies are shaped and constructed through, for and by our community.  I look forward to taking your voices and concerns to the forefront of the city, and to work with all of our councilors in a team effort. So everyone may be satisfied with our continuous progression today, so we may all enjoy a brighter tomorrow.
Make Kingston a Global Business Destination


One of our major challenges here in Kingston is not being able to retain some of the top tiered talent that emerges from our great academic institutions here in Kingston.  In order to do so, we don't just need job creation alone, we need to ensure that we are fostering a welcoming environment for big business from around the world.  We have seen some progression in this regard with recent announcements but we need much much more.  With larger investments in our City, we will see increased revenues that will and should, benefit the tax payer at large.  If we really want to see property taxes come down... then we must make it that much easier for larger external investments to come in to one of the best Cities in the World.

Door to Door "Meetups" & "Outreach"


We all get to meet with candidates from every level of Government when a campaign is under way.  However, it would be great to see our elected officials once they are in office and not just on the campaign trail.  I will be looking to set up formal follow ups at your doorstep if and when requested to do so, and also at varying times throughout my tenure as your representative.  Furthermore, I will be looking to reach out to our seniors by holding regular meetings at retirement and long term care facilities, to ensure their voices are heard.

Local Employment


Kingston is and has been, for many many years... a town reflective of most residents working in the public sector.  70% of Kingston's population is employed in the public sector leaving the remaining 30% to compete in the private sector.  As I mentioned previously, external investments and industrial expansion in Kingston is necessary for overall job and revenue growth but we need also to look at the competing industries of today and tomorrow so that our talented youth coming out of the graduating classes, have relevant opportunities to review.

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